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Vindictus Europe
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Vindictus Europe is an Action Role Playing MMO Game featuring hack and slash gameplay.

The story: talks about an infertile land where it rains but remains all empty where malefic creatures roam and where humanity is hiding in some cities with huge walls. But in these cursed places there is a legend, legend of Rrinn that keeps hope alive for those remaining. I'd say the story is not so important, it can if she had any actual connection with the game would be counted, instead in the beginning of the game you are faced to fight with a huge spider that a sexy lady wants to save but in the end you gona kill him or so (enormous spider has an accident and a a bell falls on him:)). It would have been exciting that spoken dialogue and cinematic sequences to continue after the mini quest with the enormous spider but surprise all the dialogues after with NPCs are text and cinematic sequences disappear. Oh well you can not have it all if you do not have imagination.

However let go over the story and deficiencies in terms of game immersion and let us take a look at the actual action game that is clearly focused on demential fighting maybe a little hack and slash over there, just as things to become more spicy. Character animation during combat is very smooth and realistic, just as it would a real person actually moves, because of this I suspect that a real person was used to record movements of the game character.

The graphics are very good, also the music and sound effects are not irritating after a prolonged periods of play. Special effects are also present in large numbers and very spectacular, could not miss the slow motion that you gonna admire every time a big bos will be killed.

Quests are very annoying but give useful reward. I would have liked to be able to do somthing else than to give non-stop crazy beats in this game, like a more advanced crafting, a real map where I can explore and wander at will, not as would be something bad with dungeo style game but I think it gets boring after a while. It is true that fighting does not resemble one another but are very linear and over time become repetitive and boring. You know what they say, in small doses is exciting and the interest can be prolongued.

Overall Vindictus Europe is a game above average and I would recommend it only for fans of Action games.



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