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Dragon Blaze is a Free Android, Role-Playing RPG, Multiplayer Game featuring fascinating narrative story and a great adventure to unlock the secret of the seven keys.

Dragon Blaze ,a year has passed since a destructive force fell from the sky. Thought to have been defeated a century ago, Deathcrown, the unrivaled dragon king of the living and the dead, has returned from the ashes. Since his revival, the dragons and a vast number of human tribes have been fighting an eternal war. As a descendant of the long-extinct Boden tribe, you must now use your power to reclaim the lands! Speak to and capture dragons as you journey through Dragon's Landing, unveil the secrets behind the pandemonium, and bring the relentless war to an end.

Game Features:

- A top-notch RPG with a fascinating narrative. A great adventure to unlock the secret of the seven keys! Descendant of Boden, the fate of the world is in your hands!

- Mesmerizing graphics and special effects! Fall in love with Dragon Blaze's spectacular graphics.

- Collect hundreds of unique allies! Turn characters in the story into allies. Share your adventure with attractive and powerful allies.

- Rapidly growing party with easy and speedy level-up! - Become an expert in no time with a simplified dungeon mode! Maximize your strategy with various formations and party effects.

- Easy-to-use auto features for everyone! Lead your party to victory by using Auto and Auto-call features to summon a Helper. Auto-retry feature makes gameplay even more convenient.



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