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Legendary Heroes MOBA is a Free-to-play Android, Action Real-Time Strategy (Action RTS) Multiplayer Game.

Every match you play in Legendary Heroes MOBA has three objectives: One of them is a primary objective, and completing it ends the match. The other two are secondary objectives that you don’t have to complete, but doing so earns you extra rewards. Some of Legendary Heroes MOBA matches take place in maps with two lanes. This means you have two fronts to watch over, and should spread your heroes between both of them. The AI will do this for you, but you can control the character to switch which ones hold each lane. Lanes, whether there is only one, or two in the map are always long corridors dotted with defensive Towers.

The Towers on the half of the lane closer to your Source belong to your team, the more distant ones belong to the enemy. The means to advance towards victory is to push along a lane, defending your Towers and destroying the ones belonging to your enemy until eventually you reach their Source. Destroying the enemy’s source wins the match.

Taking on towers by yourself can be an impossible task. Luckily, both teams constantly generate waves of minions to support the heroes. When the waves of minions run into each other, they start fighting. That’s when heroes can make the most difference. Helping your minions win the fights means they will keep pushing along the lane, helping you reach the enemy towers, take them down, and eventually get to their source and win. Be careful, though, because the enemy is trying to do the same thing to you!

Completing matches will always earn you Gold and Experience, even if you lost! However, you will always earn more gold by winning matches. Experience is gained during the match. Each time an enemy minion or hero is killed, or a structure is destroyed, all three of your characters gain some experience, even if they were not involved in the kill. Furthermore, whichever character you are actively controlling at the time gains a bonus to this experience gain. Gold is added up at the end of the match. Every minion or hero killed and every tower destroyed is counted. Added to this is the matches’ Victory Bonus, a bonus amount of gold for winning, if you did. After all these are added, you can still gain a further bonus by completing the matches’ Secondary Objectives.



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