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Line of Sight is a Free to Play, FPS (First Person Shooter), Shooter MMO Game that take place in a modern military setting in a twisted reality.

Line of Sight takes place in a modern military setting in a twisted reality. The story opens at the aftermath of World War 2. The United States succeeds in breeding eight subjects with psychic powers. However, due to negative side-effects from the treatments all but one test subject have died. The Superpower country continues its research and breeds eight more, known as the second generation subjects. They enlist for the military and are assigned to the Army Intelligence “CENTURION” division. Meanwhile, the sole survivor of the first generation has gone rogue and escapes with one of the project’s lead scientists. Now, the Army has branded “PSYGEN” as terrorists and ordered the “CENTURION” unit to destroy them.

Line of Sight showcases a unique flexible customization system with a variety of characters and weapon modifications to choose from. The game has the following exciting Features:

- Multiple FPS Game Modes, Users can play competitively traditional online FPS game style with different game modes like Team Death Match, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and more. These are mostly found in the E-Sports scene. Players can also enjoy the non-traditional game modes with coop-gameplay like Defense Mode and Domination.

- Flexible Customization, Be unique. Players can customize their characters with seven (7) cosmetic designs and two (2) equipment parts. They can also choose from an arsenal of powerful weapons, swap and rebuild them with up to nine (9) different attachments to suit their individual play styles.

- Built-in League System, Line of Sight was designed with the competitive scene in mind, from the beginning. The game boasts features such as Stats, Clans, Ladder matches, Rankings and League Systems; the developers take E-Sports very seriously as it is one of their highest priorities.




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