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Super Slam POGS Battle is a Android retro Free-to-play, POG Simulation Multiplayer Game featuring retro action inspired by the most wicked craze of the 90s, the POGS.

Get ready to SLAM, FLIP and collect the rare POGS! WIN shiny coins to Buy Premium packs which unlock the Amazingly Unique slammers. BATTLE with friends in the retro two player competitions! Flip to Win your friends POGS and win FREE slams to keep the action going! Get ready... It’s RETRO SLAMMER TIME in all NEW Super Slam: POGS Battle!

90s KIDS... Retro Time is BACK in 2016

- INSANE retro action inspired by the most wicked craze of the 90s. The POGS are back!

- OLD SCHOOL game is back! Easy to learn, hard to master!

- Gotta Flip them all! Slam and Flip the stack and become the champion.


- COLLECT AND WIN - Battle with friends, win their POGS in real time PvP.

- COLLECT and COMPLETE full sets in your POGS collection to unleash Powerful New Slammers.

- UNLOCK awesome slammers! Win new content and Pro challenges in battle lobby!

- PLAY TO WIN - The more you battle, the more you win! Be the 2016 winner!

- SHOW OFF your slammers to the world!

- Interactive Kiosk for buying PACKS! Add 5 new POGS into your collection ALL DAY LONG!


- SLAM the stack, flip the POGS and win coins! Flip as much stacks as you can! Clear them all!

- Come back for more rewards, invite friends to play more!

- FUN free games – Take the slamming addiction anywhere you go, from the train to the bus, at work and at home! It’s so Addicting!


- PLAY WITH FRIENDS but watch out! This ain’t the playground anymore - challengers come from around the world!

- TWO PLAYER RETRO battle game, push you to the limit on your quest to be the best. Invite friends and keep slamming!

- Accept the challenge and be the WINNER!


- OLD SCHOOL GAME, put on your Sneakers, get the Graffiti ready and Play with your Friends! Flip POGS with your slammers just like old times!

- Use Facebook to invite your friends and welcome them aboard to this fun online multiplayer game!

Call it what you like: Tazos, Caps, Pogs, Menko Or Flippos; the 90s fad game is back with a vengeance! Super Slam - It’s the ultimate two-player rush!



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