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Drakenlords (CCG Card Duels) is a Android Free-to-play, Colectible Card Multiplayer Game featuring competitive modes, single player adventures and, sometimes, goblins.

Drakenlords is packed with competitive modes, single player adventures and, sometimes, goblins! Take on the role of a mighty Warlord and battle for glory, power and cards in a world of dragons, spells and cataclysms. Built from the ground up for mobile, Drakenlords brings back the magic and depth of classic CCGs.

Whether you are a seasoned player of card games or a newcomer, Drakenlords has plenty of adventures for you.


- Hours of single player content. Lead your forces through fantastic battlefields and fight mighty bosses in a long campaign and exciting side adventures.

- Two brutally competitive modes. Build your best deck and join monthly ranked seasons to become a legendary player, or test your raw skill in the Sealed Deck Arena.

- Innovative & accessible gameplay. Skill trees meet deck building; minions with active skills; mixing cards from different armies in one deck; offline deck editing and practise against AI.

- Over 300 cards with striking illustrations reminiscent of classic fantasy card games and RPGs.

- Perfected for mobile through an inviting UI designed for players of all skill levels, small memory requirements and offline deck editing.





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