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Knight Lord
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Knight Lord is a Free-to-play Android, Action-packed Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring intense tactical party formations and brutal, bone-shaking battles.

Knight Lord - Organize the ultimate party with powerful tanks, devious rogues, eagle-eyed archers, mystical healers and mages. Powerful companions await your summons!

Fun-based Controls and Strategies, Plan your strategies ahead of time: optimize your classes and skills to form a 4-man party.

Utilize features such as formations and focused attacks to take advantage of advanced battle tactics.

Rich, Immersive Story Mode, A grand, epic saga will take you through 110 stages in 11 chapters. Fight on, Guardian of the Nergas Continent!

Thrilling Combat, Every attack may be the final blow! Dive into the thrilling combat system.

Numerous Game Modes, Daily dungeons, EXP dungeons, training grounds, Infinite Dungeons, PvP, PvE…a treasure trove of content awaits you.

Build up your town to prepare for enemy invasions! Defend and pillage! Fierce wars will erupt that only you can win! Feel the glory!

Lose yourself in the joy of becoming a legendary tactician! A rich story mode that rivals epic sagas!

Gather companions in a story mode filled with lore.

Prepare for defense! Strategically place cannons and buildings!

Can you handle it? Powerful counter-offensives can turn the tide of battle in an instant!

Destroy the enemy base within the time limit! Thrilling clashes and battles rage daily!

Party skills! Focused Attacks! Formations!




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