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Oceans and Empires
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Oceans and Empires is a Android Free-to-play, Strategy RPG MMO Game featuring uncharted waters with 12 real historical ships.

Oceans and Empires - embark on a journey to discover new cities, trade, form alliances, and battle against other Lords to dominate the ocean! Economical growth is key to a stronger army. Go on a journey to the uncharted waters with 12 real historical ships to find trade cities, new resources, and amass fortune to lead the mightiest Armada.

DEFEAT THE EMPIRE - The Empire troops have seized trade cities.

Form an alliance with your friends, and takeover the trade cities from the Empire. Defend them well for unkown forces are always tempting to assult your precious cities.

DOMINATE THE OCEAN - Lead or join an alliance and dominate the ocean.

It’s not just the empire you are up against, assault or rally on other alliances to bring them to their knees, and drive them from your waters.


- Chat with other players live for new strategy

- Fight and win against mystical monsters for unique treasures

- Customize your ships and build a unique fleet of your own

- Don’t forget to learn new Lord Skills for various perks

- Battle replay & sharing is available to boast your victory



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