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The Godfather - Five Families
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The Godfather Five Families is a Browser Based City Manager, a mafia-themed MMO Game.

The Godfather Five Families, will be about building up a criminal empire and you’ll be able to attack other players, build up your neighborhood, train troops like arsonists and hitmen, and steadily improve your own personal Estate.

Game Story: It’s 1935: ten years before the events of The Godfather film. New York’s Five Families are engaged in an all-out war for supremacy. The war is heating up and smaller gangs are under pressure to join one of the Families . . . or die. Your father’s brutal injury leaves him unable to lead your family – leaving it up to you. You must take charge and keep your family’s criminal organization alive.

And those families will be fighting one another over territory, another new aspect to the game. In addition to your own neighborhood you can take control of different areas of New York, but you’ll constantly be going up against other families to do so. Once you have control of an area it will show your family crest, letting everyone else know who’s in charge. Higher level players will now be given incentives to duke it out with players of the same, or higher, experience level. This should prevent them from ganging up on new, low level players, which has been a problem in past games. The new family system also ensures that players will be more likely to team up with other players.

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