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Heroes of the Dungeon
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Heroes of the Dungeon is a Android Free-to-play, 3D Action Dungeon crawler, Multiplayer Game.

In Heroes of the Dungeon you will lead a multitude of heroes on a great adventure. The Dynamic dungeon generator offers enjoyable replayability and diversity. Download today and experience an immersive hack n’ slash, beautiful Unity 5 engine graphics, and a friendly community of gamers. Recruit heroes to your roster and challenge rival guilds. Master your skills in the dungeon or face defeat in various combat modes. Solo campaigns, boss battles, PvP, and GvG competitions await you on your adventure.

Prologue: Become Lance the Beserker, as he sets out on a journey in the war torn world Nirvash. It all began during a great battle, between righteous warriors and the dark magic deriving from a dragon. After much bloodshed, conspiracy keeps four kingdoms separated. It is now up to Lance and your ability to recruit a team of heroes. Defeat the lingering darkness to bring justice and resolution to the kingdoms of Tytania, Nirvash, Dark Wood, and Behrend.

Game Features:

- 20+ heroes with unique skills

- 150+ solo campaign stages

- Challenging boss battles

- 5 multiplayer modes (PvP)

- Stunning visuals and fluid combat

- Dynamic dungeon generator

- Upgrade gear and heroes

- Unlock skins and accessories

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