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What The Hen is a Android Free-to-play, Strategy Collectible Card Game CCG, featuring thrilling Multiplayer duels and epic cartoony Heroes.

What The Hen (WTH) is a crazy mash-up of tug-of-war and Collectible card game with unique cartoonish visual style, where you collect 60+ minions, team up with friends and conquer the magical world of Zooom!


- Collect over 60 unique Heroes and Heroines with various abilities and create the most awesome team ever!

- Enjoy the fresh visuals in painted cartoony style - all with a touch of spicy ROFL humor

- Conquer the Village Veterans, Chickenhunting Horde, Dwarven Ladies, Noseuphigh Elves and Emo Robutts in epic 1-on-1 summoner clashes

- Upgrade and evolve your Heroes to build the ultimate deck and dominating tactics to crush opponents in Arena duels

- Join a clan and embark on the adventure with your friends as you charge towards the throne of the ultimate summoner

- Play session tailor-made to meet the demands of the most challenging toilet session!

- Stop reading this boring text and play What The Hen! now! You’ll love it!



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