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The Trail
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The Trail is a Android Free-to-play, Role-Playing Simulation, Multiplayer Game where players from across the globe can explore a new frontier together.

In The Trail players of every skill level can swipe and pioneer their way from a solo adventurer, with nothing but the clothes on their backs to the leader of a thriving and prosperous town by collecting, crafting, trading and working together with other players.

As they progress along the path, players collect items needed to sustain energy, unlock valuable information and craft items that they can trade with other explorers along the way. As they amass fortune and notoriety, they will work to build a thriving community and ultimately become the leader of the most successful town in the new frontier.

Game Features :

- BEAUTIFUL Take in the view as you walk The Trail through different landscapes and fantastic vistas.

- RELAXING Using only your thumb, swipe and drag to move delightfully along The Trail. Designed for everyone to pick up and enjoy.

- MAKE YOUR FORTUNE Travel to the new world to make your fortune! Learn to craft and trade.

- BUILD A COMMUNITY Join a town to unlock more features and work together to make your town the best in the new world!

- UNIQUE You've never played anything like The Trail!



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