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Zombie Squad A Strategy RPG
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Zombie Squad A Strategy RPG is a Android Free-to-play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game MMORPG, featuring over 200 outrageous fighters from 5 different factions.

Zombie Squad - in a post-apocalyptic society in which WiFi signals have turned humans into mindless zombies, the world needs heroes. A squad of heroes dedicated to the protection of humanity against the drones of WiFi. Embark on your quest to destroy the Hotspot of Death by assembling a zany squad of unlikely heroes in this massively multiplayer strategy RPG. Who will you pick for your squad?


- COLLECT HEROES Assemble your squad from over 200 outrageous fighters from 5 different factions and 400+ upgradable skills, including Cosplayers, Mimes, Mall Cops, Cheerleaders, Zombie Pirates, and more

- STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY Train, level up, manage, and outfit your heroes with powerful artifacts to unleash your squad's potential

- INTENSE COMPETITION Fight other players to rise up the ranks in the Arena

- PLAY WITH FRIENDS Team up, form guilds, share heroes, and strategize with players from all around the world



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