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City of Heroes Freedom
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City of Heroes Freedom is an Action, Role Playing MMO Game.

City of Heroes brings the world of comic books alive in this massively multiplayer 3D online universe. The game is set in a fantastic world filled with awe-inspiring Heroes and bone-chilling Villains. Countless adventures await you on the streets of Paragon City and the inside the evil empire that is the Rogue Isles.

Your personal investment in the game begins with the creation of your character. COH (City of Heroes) offers an astounding level of customization within the three body types. Heroes and Villains are created for a specific server and may only be played on that server. If you choose to play on a new server, you will have to create new characters to play on that server, or you can purchase a character. Selecting your archetype is possibly the most important decision you will make as a new Hero or Villain. What archetype you choose will determine what powers will be available to you during the lifetime of your hero or villain.

City of Heroes offers players a tremendous variety of powers to choose from when creating either heroes or villains. Each of the more than 40 different powers has many sub-powers, giving players hundreds of distinct super powers to choose from. Sub powers are further defined by a number of different factors such as range, damage, area of effect, and special side effects.

The game is addictive but not horribly so. It is fun to play and not terribly difficult to stop playing. You quickly learn about how long a team mission is, and can better enjoy the game if you figure out polite ways to let people know you need to quit. Making a daily rule for yourself to play no more than two quests, visit no more than two contacts for new quests, and then visit town for leveling up and shopping is not unreasonable. There are a good number of stopping places, and you can play in half hour chunks or four hour marathons, depending on your preference.


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