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The Soul is a Free-to-play Android, Action Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring a new type of battling system where the action changes depending on your various characters.

The Soul , gather the souls of great generals and combine them with skills to create your own action adventure! Freedom in high quality action! Dazzling and refined graphics! Stylish action gameplay! A whole new level of action RPG! The Soul (Intl)!

Game Features:

- Soul System, A new type of battling system where the action changes depending on your various characters! Gather souls and sweep across the battle field with your generals!

- Team Battles, The action is different, but you have one goal! Join forces with party members to annihilate your enemies!

- Godly Weapons, The ultimate power which transcends your own limits! Those who acquire godly weapons shall rule the world!

- Various Real-time and Non-Real-time PvP Battles, A fight for power that you cannot back out of! Real-time 1 vs. 1 ‘Devotion Battle’ Real-time 1 vs. 8 ‘Free-For-All’ 'Emperor's Path' for those seeking to be the strongest. The irresistible temptation of gold in 'Golden Expeditions’

- Guild Battles, A fierce fight for your guild's honor! Use teamwork to win real-time 3 vs. 3 guild battles!




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