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Glitch Online
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Glitch is an originally and unique Side Scrolling, Web based MMO Game with Role Playing elements, which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants.

"Glitch" is both the name of the game and its fundamental concept: the yin and the yang, the fundamental force, the alpha and omega, the path, the way, and most of all: the happy accidents of unfettered creativity. In Glitch, things don't always make sense at first. But that's where the fun starts. It's all one big world, which means everyone is playing the same game and anyone's actions have the ability to affect every other player in the game. It also involves very little war, moats, spaceships, wizards, mafiosos, or people with implausibly large muscles.

The Gameplay, at first seem very strange with squeezed chickens and milked butterflies but do not worry the game has all the traditional elements presented in the classical RPG games (missing the repetitive fights needed to increase the caracter level) such as crafting and highly developed skills tree. Glitch does not lacking player character customization that takes place some later and not early or before you start the game, as gets used to in common games. Here in this game as you grow in level do not need long hours of grinding, is enough to hug some trees, to wet them and a butterfly milking surely will bring to you an increase in the level.

Graphically the game surely does not disappoint with the original style and very inspired composition for a 2d game will delight the hungry fan players of side scrolling games. Also, the action of the game is sometimes accompanied by a inspired soundtrack and hilarious successful sound effects which do not become annoying after a prolonged period of gaming.

An original game that succeed even to innovate the gaming world with non violence approach, you do not have to think if to try it or not, this game deserve and must be played.


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