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Land of Heroes Zenith Season
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Land of Heroes Zenith Season is a F2P Android, Role-Playing Colectible Heroes, Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring Multiplayer Online MOBA and ARPG with simple controls.

Land of Heroes is a non stop action RPG featuring real-time MOBA PvP and frantic dungeon crawling PvE. Enter a world of superheroes and villains and blast your way through a massive action packed adventure, Gather heroes from across the land and lead your team to victory in exhilarating realtime combat.


- Free to Play Multiplayer Online MOBA and ARPG with simple controls!

- Countless heroes to recruit and styles to master. Make your own AWESOME team!

- Train, evolve and equip your own powerful heroes!

- Play & chat with millions of players worldwide in real time!

- Battle horrifying, evil monsters and explore a world of magic and mystery!

- MOBA combat with simple, intuitive controls and fast-paced gameplay with ~3 minute matches!

- Go head to head in thrilling 1v1 duels!

- Challenge other players in the Zenith Season to become the ultimate champion!

Combining all the fun of RPGs and MOBA games, Land of Heroes provides you with hundreds of superhero combinations to choose from. Recruit them, train them and level them up to form your very own superpowered team! Battle bots or other real players online -- assemble your team and embark on an epic quest to defeat the evil Professor Z! Challenge rival clans in Normal and Heroic PvE instances - your enemies may be dangerous and the odds may be stacked against you, but the risks are well worth the rewards in this intriguing story of heroes and monsters.




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