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Tavern Brawl Tactics
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Tavern Brawl Tactics is a Android Free2Play, Turn-based TBS, Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring innovative interactions and deep strategic gameplay.

Battle in the world of Tavern Brawl Tactics ! Build up your own extraordinary team! All classical heroic roles are at your calling! Activate them all and prove your strength on the battlefield! Experience fast-paced battles with plenty of action and deep strategic gameplay!


- Turn-based passionate battles with innovative interactions and extremely deep strategic gameplay

- Activate many unique and varied heroes to master all kinds of powerful skills and abilities

- Hexagon tactical gaming board allows creation of endless possibilities

- Customize your team with tons of skill combinations

- Explore different game modes and find the best way to layout teamwork

- Encounter different challenges of opponents from all over the world in real-time

- Fast-pace game on mobile device allows you to conquer whenever and wherever

- Share your ideas and experiences with other players for more



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