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We Are Heroes
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We Are Heroes is a Android Free2play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game RPG, featuring the opportunities to own large amounts of diverse Heroes from manga, comics, legends and more.

When I was a child, I wanted to become Thor to fight with Lu Bu. What were your heroes? Everyone has his own hero but what if you could prove yours is the best of the best? Your imagination comes to life in We Are Heroes, the next-gen RPG + Strategy game for mobile devices!

Build your dream team into an EPIC squad by recruiting Superheroes and compete against millions of players worldwide.


- Engage in critical competitions and beat million of other players (PvP) to be the top on the Online Arena via Raid, Arena and Guild Wars modes.

- Recruit hundreds of Heroes and Pets, coming from many universes (manga, comics, legends, historical.) to build unstoppable fighting team.

- Discover the potential of your superheroes in strategic upgrade system with different role playing (RPG) elements

- Unleash your style and action with amazing Heroes’ superpower skills systems.

- Combat by Drag & Drop with unique and stylish control system.

- Train Heroes to become Ancients through various game stages and chapters.

- Perform your plan of action with millions of other players by Guilds system

- Prove your team power with global boss challenges.

- Win awesome prizes with Lucky Lottery system to get more advantages with every hero in combat.

In We Are Heroes, you will have opportunities to own large amounts of diverse Heroes from manga, comics, legends,... Immersed yourself in lots of superheroes to enjoy their superpower with your combat skills. Last but not least, prove your superpower team to be the best by fighting against million of players on the glory PvP arena. Starting with your first favorite hero, using your strategy plan declared action on your heroes team to conquer campaigns and become the best on the theatre of war - PvP.



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