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Blast Breaker is a Free-to-play side-scrolling, Action Brawler , Multiplayer Game taking place in the world of ARIAR.

In Blast Breaker you can play alone saving the world from the blasters following the story in a world PvE (Player versus enemies in the game), but is highly recommend that you play with friends and complete cooperatively missions or test PvP modes (Player vs. Player).

The Story: In a universe far away called Irilspiral, there exists a civilization of great knowledge on a small planet of Xylon. The beings who lived there named Khala led a peaceful life, upholding and researching the powers of Elements that flowed around infinitely in Xylon. However, they stumbled upon ruins of unknown origin that holds within an ancient evil known as Blasters. Without knowledge about these blasters, they had accidentally released them out upon Xylon.

The Blasters started to devour and consume all Elements presented in Xylon causing every life to wither. The Khalans, just discovering that the cause of these events is those Blasters they have released, knew it was too late to save Xylon and the only choice they had was to escape from the dying planet before death arrives to all of them. Before long, Xylon was left, dried of its ever flowing elements, and exploded, sending Blasters all around the universe.

With guilt of releasing the Blasters in their hearts, the Khalans sworn to chase and hunt down these Blasters. A group of them had now reached Ariar, and thus the next chapter starts.




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