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Friday, 23 September 2011 17:01 mmoraw
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League of Legends is a Real-Time Strategy MMO Game based on the widely popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3.

In the game, players are given control of a warrior (Champions) who they’ll throw against countless waves of minions, death-spitting towers, and of course, enemy players or NPC controled by computer, that in case you do not find human players or for training purpose. Of course, the game idea is not original it is copied from popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3, but you can see some extra improvements. Due to the nature of the game, League of Legends doesn't really have any kind of premise behind the action. There's no dramatic story that tries to entice players to take part and while it might be seen as a negative, it's quite difficult to see how any kind of narrative could actually be included in a functional manner. There are numerous Champions, all with their own back story, but it's all quite circumstantial.

Though it is an MMORTS, the actual game matches take place in individual lobbies, meaning you’ll only interact with 5-9 other players at a time. Once the game loads, you’ll find both Summoner’s Rift and the Twisted Treeline (the game’s two maps) crisp, colorful, and cartoonish. With a halfway decent computer, League of Legends should run buttery smooth, even with its dizzying explosions and numerous enemies crowding the screen at any given time.

Because of the game’s multiplayer nature, there really isn’t much here for the lonely single player. You can always start up a game and fill it with computer-controlled players, but it doesn’t really lend much to the overall experience. Besides –this game is at its most fun when played in teams. With a variety of player-controlled heroes banding together to face a group of opposing players, things go from crazy to manageably fun. Indeed – if there’s any strategy to be found here, it doesn’t really show up until you’re trying to work out route and combat strategies as a team.


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