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Clash Dynasty is a Free-to-play Android, Real-Time Strategy RTS, Multiplayer Game featuring highly strategic gameplay and real-time battles.

Clash Dynasty is a multiplayer real-time strategy RTS game that lets you lead your troop to fight against other players from all over the world on the battlefield, conquer the world with your powerful troop! Stunning graphics and amazing interactive bring you back to the ancient war battlefield. Highly strategic gameplay and real-time battle provide the gaming experience of SLG&ACT at the same time. Choose various warriors to build up your troop, upgrade and reinforce your weapon and equipment for more stronger by forge.

STRATEGY GAMEPLAY, REAL-TIME BATTLE AT THE SAME TIME, Highly strategic gameplay, fight your enemy with your wisdom and courage! Click and drag, use fingers to control your army and defeat your enemies.

VARIOUS COMBINATION OF WARRIORS, BUILD UP YOUR OWN TROOP, Barbarian, Cavalvy, Priest, Dragon, Sphinx, different warriors wait for your command! Adjust your strategy according to battle condition, build strongest troop to conquer the world!

MULTIPLAYER RANK GAME, REAL-TIME BATTLE ANYWHERE, Battle with other players in real-time, the most exciting gaming experience. Defeat your enemy to improve your rank to become legendary, achieve your dream of king!

ANCIENT EMPIRES, GREAT HEROES ARE WAITING TO BE SUMMONED, The war is coming, heroes from each region have enter the battlefield! Emperor Qin Shihuang, Pharaoh, heroes from worldwide are all involved, play as your favorite king, lead your troop to conquer the world!



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