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Ire Blood Memory
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Ire Blood Memory is a Android Free-to-play, hardcore Action Role-Playing Game that bring you formidable opponents.

Ire Blood Memory is a hardcore Action RPG, covering a wide range of gamer experience, accessible to the newly initiated to the most seasoned hardcore game veterans. As you progress, the level of difficulty and attack variations increase to challenge you. Enemies have varying attributes, strike distances, and patterns of attack. Stamina management and tactics, depending on your choice of weapon, are key components of Ire. Find out for yourself what the weapon, armour, and accessories are best suited for each battle. Learn your enemy's attack movement, wait for the right time, then destroy. Come into the Ire.


- Ire requires a network to play.

- We bring you formidable opponents.

- The three tenets to advancing are tactics, upgrades, and grit.

- Know your foes, kite enemies, use your environment.

- Attack patterns, distance, and timing are a thing.

- You will be invaded. You will be raided.

- Prepare to kill or be killed.


- Various game modes: Quest, Hunt, Raid, and Rift

- Crafting and upgrades: Reinforce, Composite, and Imbue.

- Weapons and armour consisting of different attributes suited for different types of combat.

- Skills system to boost your combat abilities.



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