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Legends of 42 Gods and Heroes
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Legends of 42 Gods and Heroes is a Free 2 play Android, Strategy RPG, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game Featuring a infinite combo sistem.

Legends of 42 Gods and Heroes - hundred years ago, people summoned powerful Gods and Heroes to against the devil force. After a long time peace and happiness, the devil force began to sprout. The ancient heroes from the world around await your summons to battle! To meet epic combo experience with your favorite Gods and Heroes in the fantastic world! Assemble a perfect team to begin your magnificent adventure!


- ENJOY THE READILY INFINITE COMBO Innovative play mode of ultimate combo, arrange “pageantry combo + ultimate attack” freely to challenge the most powerful combo damage!

- THE MOST DELICATE AND BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC WORLD The beautiful and fantastic scenery of main city and stage perfectly create a wonderful visual feast in the history of mobile game.

- ASSEMBLE YOUR DREAM HERO TEAM Defense, Attack, Healer, Control, how to assemble unique skill of heroes needs your strategic consideration!

- JOIN LEGENDARY FIGHT WITH GODS AND HEROES Join war of Gods with mighty heroes and rebel the great Dragon King to claim secret treasures.

- EVOLUTION SYSTEM TO TRAIN ULTIMATE HERO Various heroes modeling, completed system of clothing evolution, the more powerful heroes, the more luxury clothes!

- VARIOUS SKILL TRIALS WAITING FOR CHALLENGERS To explore the new surprise from various gaming system and to enhance heroes by collecting materials.

- UNITE ALL TO ONE CHAMPION GUILD Gather a group of intimate partners to strengthen guild momentum.

- EASY TO PLAY IN-GAME EVENTS FOR VAST REWARDS Festival, Pumpkin Carriage, Lucky wheel...etc. lots of in-game events to play and rewards to claim for fun.




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