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Riding Club Championships
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Riding Club Championships is a Free-to-play, Horse riding Multiplayer Sport Game featuring Horse RPG system.

Riding Club Championships is a horse riding game focusing on online competitions, and staying true to real equestrian disciplines. Take part in show jumping, barrel racing, pole bending, agility and jump agility. You can play alone, against friends, in ranked games against random players, or in our weekly tournament. If you aren’t satisfied with our huge selection of courses, you can create your own and share them with the world. Enjoy a large variety of horse colors and patterns, groom your horse, and train it to improve in multiple skills. Acquire better- and better looking gear as you go. Compete with your horse in true equestrian style, shortening and lengthening your strides to make those distances, ask for extra effort over some of those bigger obstacles, and your horse will even do lead changes for you to be on the correct rein.

So, if you want the excitement and thrills of live competition against players from all over the world, or just hang out with your friends and chat about horses, Riding Club Championships is the place for you.

Key Features:

- Show Jumping, Agility and Jump Agility

- Solo, Friendly- and Ranked Matches

- Weekly Tournaments with cool prizes

- Paddock Mode

- Course Editor with voting and sharing system

- A large variety of horse colors

- Multiple choices of horse and rider gear

- Horse grooming

- Horse rpg system

- Quest system

- A thriving community

- Multiple chat rooms









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