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Lil' Conquest
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Lil' Conquest is a Free-to-play economic Strategy, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game playable in any Browser (BB).

Lil’ Conquest is a free browser-based business simulation and strategy game that enables players to build their village, by establishing a productive empire, but also set up armies to conquer the world by recruiting the world’s bravest heroes and units of ancient and modern times. Differentiate itself from common simulation games, Lil’ Conquest requires much higher strategies on the layout of the village production line. The player needs to consider how to perfectly utilize their land and produce at its full potential so that they can maximize income to boost military power. By promoting the village’s economy, the player can easily upgrade heroes, research and develop new units as well as high-grade equipment to conquer and expand their territory.

Lil’ Conquest employs a turn-based war pattern when combating in battlefield. Each battle has three turns. The player will win only if they kill all enemies before the final turn is over. There are over 65 heroes and 4 kinds of units in this game. Each hero has its own skills and can be selected as a commander of any unit among Infantry, Musketeer, Archer and Cavalry. The player needs to sharpen tactics and to figure out which heroes should be deployed to the battlefield, who is the best hero to be a unit’s commander and which kind of weapons equipped for heroes can amplify damages to enemies.

Lil’ Conquest’s cities and heroes are real and historical enabling players to learn of the great fighter of Asia, Europe, and beyond. Fight to reclaim and conquer Edo, Constatinople and Sparta with heroes like Alexander, Jules César, and Genghis Khan.




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