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Last Empire War Z
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Last Empire War Z is a Browser-Based BB, Free-to-play, Real-Time Strategy RTS Builder MMO Game that takes place in a post-apocalypse world.

Last Empire War Z is a massive multiplayer online real-time strategy MMORTS that takes place in a post-apocalypse world. The majority of the planet’s population has morphed into ugly twisted zombies. To protect yourself and your people, you have to build strong fortifications and find loyal friends. Remember, the living are more dangerous than the undead. They will try to buy their survival at any cost, your life included. If they don’t kill you, they’ll rob you of your valuable resources. Work your way to the top to lead a strong alliance and bring order to this dying world. Build a city, train soldiers and expand and secure your territory. It’s survival of the fittest… and smartest.

Global community - Communicate with players from all over the world who speak different languages. Cooperate with your fellow countrymen or join a strong international alliance.

Zombie troops - Tame zombies and use them in battles with your neighbors. There are dozens of different zombie types available. Train monsters to create the strongest army in the world.

World domination - Attack other players’ cities and steal their resources. Work your way to the top to lead a vast alliance and fight for world domination.

Free choice - Decide who you want to be - glorious hero or ruthless villain. Civilization has crumbled, leaving widespread lawlessness - it’s up to you to make your choice.




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