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Rusty Hearts
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Rusty Hearts is a 3D Action MMO Game with fast paced and highly stylized beat-em-up style combat.

Story: An attack has occurred on the town (tutorial, skip it and you miss it) for reasons unknown. It is up to a rag tag group to team up and find out just what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, you see a giant monster land on the roof guarding a building with a woman inside who appears to be playing a piano. One of the three characters on your team recognizes her, but at this point it cuts off, the story begins like this and continue among the many battles to come, so i not gona spoil the pleasure to discover it by living it for yourself.

The graphics help greatly to create a very credible and pleasant atmosphere that catch you and introduce you into the world haunted by evil creatures and only your character can save it. The combination of 2D and 3D styles is a visual delight for the eyes, 2D graphics is simulated not necessarily a true 2D one, by using the method that limits the movements of the camera that shows the scene of the fighting.

Gameplay is the one accustomed to fighting action style with many arcade influences that give a unique style to the game. I would have something negative to note, namely the lack of any options to help the greater customization of the in game caracter, explained they are missing altogether so all characters in the game look identical but at these Action games are not a big loss in terms of gameplay, only to the visual appearance. Character customization is based on in game items that will most likely be from the item mall. The three basic buttons you use are block, attack, and grab. Block is useful for dealing with big enemies and archers. Everyone has a standard combo chain and it is best to figure out how to use it to deal with large groups of enemies as soon as possible. Grab on the other hand is fairly useless. As powerful as it is, you leave yourself open while your grab animation is going on. The damage is high, but the risk is not worth it. You can also set a variety of shortcuts for skills and items.

Rusty Hearts is a good Action Game with a weak point but compensates with plenty of originality, I highly recommend especially because is a game, very beginner friendly oriented.



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