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KULTAN The World Beyond
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KULTAN The World Beyond is a 3D Browser based Adventure Role Playing MMO Game featuring Seafights between sea ships.

You take on the role of a sea captain, equipped with various skills, lineage, and classes. Use the flexible skill system to your advantage, hire officers and hone your skills.

Besides an extensive quest system and a well-developed PvE mode, there are also countless opportunities to test your mettle and measure your skills against others in the PvP mode.

You can customize over 1,000 different warships and it is likely for your to test more than 40,000 different combinations, modified and fitted with fixtures. Fight between ships are quite interesting especially in terms of graphics, Unity 3D graphics engine does its job well and transform it in a real game in three dimensions. Water is rendered superbly and looks almost poetic in sunlight.

When you travel the beautiful ancient temple city of Lan Adaan and other mysterious locations, do not be dazzled by the beauty of the places. Dangers lurk everywhere, and there are even stories about an ancient evil, perhaps reborn in the depths of the sea.

KULTAN should be at least try even a few days who knows maybe you hold within you, that somewhere hidden a sea dog or better yet a brave adventurous sea Captain.

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