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Capsule toy Monsters
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Capsule toy Monsters is a Free 2 Play Android, 2D Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring Turn-Based command battle.

Real-time Battle monster training RPG Capsule toy Monsters ,created party just for you,let's aim Arena No. 1!

Easy operation and brain warfare, turn-based command battle! Evolution, capacity building, the upper limit release. You can enjoy deep training. Let's complete the magical toy monster that jumps out from the capsule!

Aim for a NO.1 in the Arena mode! - Can users and real-time match-up of the whole country!

Very high difficulty quest mode! Are you able to clear! ? - In solo play, auto mode and speed mode installing! Easily could be playing! - Multiplay mode comming soon! - To clear the daily mission, trying to get a reward every day!

About 200 species of monsters! Strategy is infinite, depending on organization! - Monster add one after another in the future - Upper limit release by combining the same monsters!

luxury arena reward! You can further strengthen your monster! Favorite status can be enhanced if you use the "Egg"! It is available with the win in the arena. - Try to customize the monster to their liking!

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