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Demolition Derby Multiplayer
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Demolition Derby Multiplayer Free-to-play Android, Crash Racing Multiplayer Game featuring a instantly play against demolition derby rivals across the globe worldwide, sistem.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer is one of the first mobile game titles that features true cross platform multiplayer between iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows devices. The game is inspired by the Destruction Derby franchise, a classic arcade racing series that once ruled on console. Destruction Crew has made a mobile arcade racer which retains many of the cool characteristics that made these type of games so enjoyable and has added many features and fresh ideas.

The development team has taken great effort in designing a handling model that works on touch devices and has implemented a very advanced deformation model, not yet seen on mobile. Wheels come off, engines explode, windshields crack and bodywork gets smashed to pieces as racers are crashing into each other. True to life physics and high speed action immerse players like never before.

In Demolition Derby Multiplayer players will enjoy the total carnage of the arena mode or will go head to head with other players in one of the many racing events. The game uses proprietary and Unity Multiplayer Technology to make seamless multiplayer matches on mobile a reality. Furthermore, the game has been optimised to work with most devices, including low-end spec, so anyone can join the battle.

Key Features:

- Real-time demolition derby MULTIPLAYER

- Play against other players cross platform (4 players)

- Setup private matches (the perfect party game)

- Awesome crashes, physics, and damage (all available in multiplayer)

- Earn bragging rights with challenges and badges

- Available: App Store, Google Play, Windows Store & Amazon Appstore

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