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Era of Pirates Caribbean War
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Era of Pirates - Caribbean War is a Free-to-play Android, pirate-themed, Strategy Role Playing MMO Game set in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Era of Pirates Caribbean War - immerse yourself in those turbulent times on the Caribbean Sea, with the freedom to build and manage your own island, develop your fleet, and explore uncharted waters. Take to the high seas as you plunder merchant ships, battle navies, compete with other pirates for resources, or ally with other pirates to fight common enemies, all while defending your own island.


- Build and manage your own island and formidable pirate fleet to roam the oceans and ultimately found your own pirate kingdom! Improve your ship with powerful equipment, skills and crew -- crush everything in your path!

- Real-time epic sea battles: explore uncharted waters, conquer resource islands, plunder merchant ships, wipe out rampaging pirates, and even take on the royal navy head to head!

- Discuss strategy in real-time via Alliance Chat, Private Chat or World Chat and form friendships with millions of pirates around the world!

- Ally with other pirate captains to earn more resources! Grow your alliance and become a pirate force to be reckoned with!

- How do you lead your alliance and occupy as many resources on the world map as possible? This is one strategy game that requires both instinct and intellect! Strategically plunder pirate islands and attack the enemy’s weak point to claim victory!

- Various buildings help create a lifelike experience on the Caribbean Sea: Tavern,

Brothel, Casino, Shipyard, Blacksmith, Market, Lodgings, Fortress, Rampart, Turret, Mine, Institute, and more!

- Meet powerful pirates in the tavern and make them your reliable companions!

- Become the envy of the world: flaunt your power before millions of players in the Arena and vie for supreme glory!

Era of Pirates game takes full advantage of the mobile platform and every single aspect of the game is tailor-made for mobile devices. Boasting awesome gameplay content, including realistic and visually stunning graphics, island management, gorgeously-designed warships, various ways to improve your own fleet and crew, authentic and epic sea battles, highly-strategic oceanic conquest, and an extraordinarily high degree of freedom, all that remains is for you to choose to fight to live, or live to die? Will it be you against the world, or the world in the palm of your hand? Destiny is yours for the taking. In this free-roaming world, you must trust your gut as well as your wits to ultimately rule the waves! Pirates of the world, unite in "Era of Pirates"! Take courage and embark on your own journey.

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