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Heroes of Skyrealm
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Heroes of Skyrealm is a Free-to-play Android, Action Role-Playing Multiplayer Game set in a vibrant world of airships and adventure.

Heroes of Skyrealm is a 3D, character-focused mobile action RPG set in a vibrant world of airships and adventure. As the leader of a rebellious band of heroes, players take command of a city in the sky, an upgradeable floating fortress that's the ideal headquarters for a growing resistance – with a cast of over 30 unique playable characters to unlock. Leading the perfect three-hero team through a rich single-player campaign and a wide range of multiplayer modes, including the innovative build and siege gameplay of Stronghold, is as easy as it is rewarding.


- Strategise and slash your way to triumph in this 3D action RPG

- Lead and control a wide array of over 30 playable heroes ranging from steampunk soldiers to brutal beats and ghosty gunslingers to clockwork champions

- Cast light on the past left behind by our heroes as you discover new characters and collect their unique comic vignettes

- Control and upgrade your sky ark to maximise your team's potential

- Team up with your friends to raid bosses and complete campaigns together with up to 9 heroes!

- Build an unbeatable Stronghold and lay siege to other players’ Strongholds!

- Join millions of other players in an epic battle to claim the crown to being the king of the skies!

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