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TROY Online
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TROY Online is a combination of Action and Role playing MMO Game elements, happened after the end of the tragic Trojan War and during the second, fictitious sequel Trojan War.

Story of the game goes like this: after the end of tragic Trojan war, Apollo, the god of the Sun and defender of Troy, could not accept the result of the Trojan War. He resurrected the Trojan Army and gave them another chance to battle with the Greek army. Hades was overwhelmed with rage at Apollo’s ignorance of the order of the Underworld. Poseidon lead the once-victorious Greek army back into battle against Apollo’s revived Trojans. To arbitrate in the dispute of the gods, Zeus sent both armies to the great continent of Autis in the timeless dimension between the past and future, also has decreed that the war will last forever and the noble heroes be cursed with resurrection.

Graphic of the TROY game look amazing with lighting effects and inspired textures, soundtrack, sound effects and the environmental sound complete the inspired atmosphere of the game.

After you have chosen which side you will fight (the Greeks or of the Trojans) follows the choice of character classes: Warrior, Hunter and Magician in both genders. And each class is able to further switch into two other variations in the same category. For instance, the Warrior, the melee class powerful in solo fight with their great damage and defense abilities which will be enhanced by the wielding of various weapons such as sword, axe, mace and shield, can be evolved into the tanking Guardian equipped with heavy armor and shield or the hard-hitting Berserker proficient in two-handed weapon-wielding skills; while the Hunter is able to changed into Ranger and Assassin and Magician to Mage and Warlock. Moreover, players can customize their heroes in looks and names.

Gameplay and especially the fights are inclined more toward action but also has elements of role playing, a combination quite successful that is remarked in long hours of grinding who are now less boring. Quests also help to reduce the boredom and give enough experience to be at least interesting if not pleasant.

There are different pvp (Player vs Player) modes:
Castle Wars - Castle Wars Is siege warfare and it’s divided into Gate War and Total War. Gate War is the first large-scale battle to obtain the gate that controls the dimension. Through the gate, the war is expanded to the whole continent. All connected users can participate in this war.
Olympus Wars - it isnt between the trojans and greeks. Instead , it’s between the representatives of the gods. The characters fight each other on behalf of the god that they have confidence in. During the Olympus War, the characters can get additional abilities beyond their class and the result of the war can influence the gods.
Hero Wars - It involves racing and battling.

Overall the game is recommended primarily for the charming graphics and for the magnificent atmosphere of the game, you really feel like you are part of the famous Trojan War.



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