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Sacred Legends is a Free-to-play Android, Action Role-Playing Multiplayer Game taking place in the demon-plagued kingdom of Ancaria.

Save the once-thriving kingdom of Ancaria from the suffocating grip of relentless Demon Lords in Sacred Legends, the new mobile RPG based on the renowned Sacred brand. Level up your hero, learn powerful skills, forge epic weapons, collect valuable loot and breach your way into the heart of the realm. Form parties with your friends to master a challenging campaign in normal, veteran and elite difficulty or head off to the PVP arena to compete with other players. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate Sacred experience on smartphones and tablets!

Kill or be Killed - In a new land with nothing but war and death. People was born to fight. They dont show the enemy their torelance, they know the only result is death. There, two force fighting each other, with no mercy. SWAT team - fight for justice. They want to protect the land by rules. In the other hand, terrorist team - fight for their own ideology, the rules must be broken. The battle seems so endless, until a day, their two leaders have a decision - their strongest man must going to the dead arena, fight to dead, the winner take it all. You are one of them . Your mission is increasing your skills, with your team finding victory in the no way back battle, or your force will be destroyed. Teamwork is the only way. Be the best on the legend team.

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