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Era of Empire War and Alliance
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Era of Empire War and Alliance is Free 2 play Android, 3D Strategy MMO Game, where defend your city from monstrous hordes and vicious enemies.

Era of Empire : War and Alliance is a new 3D strategy MMO game where defend your city from monstrous hordes and viscious enemies. Addicting multiplayer action and endless enemy combat means let you become the master of your realm. War against dragons, goblins and all manner of fantasy creatures and become the greatest leader the world has ever seen!

Medieval combat has never been so exciting, or so beautiful! Incredible 3D graphics are a visual feast, and dynamic battles you’ll want to share with your friends! Team up with dozens of people to defeat the epic black dragon that has enslaved your people. Fight for your country, brave the winds of winter, and become royalty!

Free to Play, Epic Fun!


- Join powerful alliances to defeat epic enemies - A dragon lies at the center of every realm, defeat it and claim glory for your allies!

- Expand your territory and capture prisoners to strengthen your forces – Don’t forget, the more powerful you are, the more enemies you have

- Gather monsters and use them to gain resources - Why just kill and grill? Put those baddies to work

- Incredible 3D graphics - Action-packed and uber-dynamic, battle scenes will blow your mind

- Build and rule - You are in charge, create your empire!

- Choose your troops - Decide your strategy and for your army to defeat whoever challenges you

- Better prices - Don’t waste your money on those crazy expensive games, get more bang for your buck

- Choose your role - Be a builder, a soldier, a leader, you’re in command

- Easy to learn, easy to pick up - Don’t try to beat players who have been around for a year, start fresh and climb to the top.


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