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Alpha Allianz
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Alpha Allianz is a Free-to-play Android, Action side-scrolling Brawler Multiplayer Game RPG.

Alpha Allianz - journey through the land of Alpharion to form the greatest Alliance to save the world when a mission to retrieve the source of Life, Eternal Core, ran our of hand with the contaminated Core being shattered and scattered across the land! Customized your team and collect over 50 heroes as you face the foes possessed by the tainted Core in this action adventure RPG!

Collect Over 50 Unique Heroes - Play as a team that travel the land to collect the shards of Eternal Core and form your very own Alliance

Customize Your Heroes - Gain total control over each Hero's stats. Customize and form the best battle team according to your play style

Simple to Play, Challenging to Master - Strategize and utilize the hidden ability of your heroes into your favour in every battle!

In depth Storyline - Immerse yourself in the Alpha Allianz Lore as your cleanse the land from the threat of the contaminated Eternal Core

No More Repetitive Grinding - Explore multiple modes available in the game and experience the excitement of the game!

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