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Guardians of Atlas
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Guardians of Atlas is a Free-to-play, Strategy Arena Multiplayer Game combining hero-centric, arena-style gameplay with the individual unit control of a real-time strategy game.

Guardians of Atlas is a unique MOBA-RTS hybrid (“army battler”) for Windows and Mac which combines the action-packed, hero-centric gameplay of a MOBA and the economy, territory control, and individual unit control of an RTS. In our first game mode, Skirmish, two teams of three players (3v3, PvP or bots) build and upgrade their armies, fight to destroy the enemy’s base, and summon titans - powerful units that help a team push forward. Players with a MOBA background will find the gameplay to have more depth and strategy while players with an RTS background will enjoy the frequent battling and unique army compositions.

The Game Story: When the black hole at the galaxy’s heart began to grow, swallowing nearby stars, Atlas sacrificed itself, spawning thousands of seeds, each containing the essence of all life in the galaxy. The seeds were flung outward, toward the edge of the galaxy, beyond where Atlas’s power had ever reached. The seeds drifted for endless centuries. One by one, they were lost in the vast darkness between the stars. Only a single seed survived. Weakened and dying, Atlas’s instincts drove it toward the nearest suitable planet. This was Arctora, and it was not like anything the seed could have imagined.

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