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Dragon Flare Line Tactics
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Dragon Flare (Line Tactics) is a Free 2 play Android, Strategy Role-Playing Multiplayer Game.

THE STORY: The orphans have finally rebuilt their town. Just as they thought peace is here to stay, they hear the demonic dragons howl from the distant! To ensure a long lasting utopia, gather your team, go to war and strike down the Dragon Tribe! The orphans’ destiny is in your hands!


- Epic QUICK THINKING, new mobile lane-swapping strategy game

- RECRUIT your heroes into an unbeatable army and lead them into battle!

- MASTER TACTICS by perfecting your lane-swapping decisions during battles!

- Fight in PvP ARENA against teams worldwide and rise up on the leaderboards.

- ATTACK and CONQUER Dragon Flare mines to summon advanced loot and heroes!

- COLLECT Dragon Flares to get unique items!

- STRIKE your enemies with fearful skill ultimates!

- CHAT with players worldwide


- GET FREE prizes daily!

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