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Heroes of Shadow Guard
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Heroes of Shadow Guard is a Free-to-play, Turn-Based tactical Dungeon crawling MMO Game.

Experience both sides of dungeon crawling in Heroes of Shadow Guard! Navigate deadly labyrinth dungeons and design your own in this ground-breaking cross-platform MMO. Place the walls, guards, traps, and more before heading out to raid opponent labyrinths in classic first-person turn-based combat. Unlock new heroes, new gear, and new labyrinth guards. Conquer 2 full single player sagas, climb the multiplayer leaderboards, and challenge friends to custom matches.

Build your own Labyrinth Dungeon - decide the layout, guards, traps, and more.

Raid other player labyrinths in 3D turn-based combat.

Challenge friends or faction members to Custom Matches.

Play the same account on your PC, Android, and iOS devices.

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