Fruit Warriors - officially launch on August 11st

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:10 mmoraw
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SRPG Fruit Warriors is Officially Live! Build your Hero.

International mobile and browser game publisher 37Games will officially launch its latest game “Fruit Warriors”, a fruit themed SRPG on August 11st, 2016 at 08:00 (EST) . The game allows numerous ways to build the character or “Hero” into becoming the savior of the universe from the forces of evil. Now let’s take a deeper look.

Although there is no class division in Fruit Warriors – players can still choose between a male or female hero which allows a high degree of freedom to be offered in hero building.

Both male and female heroes possess active, passive and trait skills, among which active skills, including ultimate ones, are not always the same. Players are allowed to choose from their unlocked ones and devise their own personal preference for combat. Different sets of skills allow different strategies to be used when facing the numerous unique and dangerous enemies within Fruit Warriors.

However, to balance game play and allow diversive strategies to be used, there are certain limits in setting a hero’s ultimate skills. Players can only set up to five ultimate skills at the same time. More skills can be unlocked by leveling up the player’s hero, offering more freedom in skill combinations. As more powerful skills are used, a larger amount of Rage (a type of mana) is consumed. It is suggested that players consider their strategies carefully when selecting skills in case they run out of Rage during combat.

Fruit Warriors will officially launch with all functions available in the game and more content coming soon in future updates. Please visit the official website page for more information.

Official website:

About Fruit Warriors: Fruit Warriors is a browser-based fruit themed SRPG published by 37Games. Players will be sent to a beautiful wonderland and team up with dozens of cute fruit-shaped warriors for a brand new adventure. Players can travel anywhere within a fantasy fruit-themed game world. Owning various powerful mounts will improve player’s combat skills and provide fast travel. In addition, joining an adventurers’  guild allows players to set up a mighty fruit empire and extend their rule over the lands of Fruit Warriors.

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