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Immune True Survival
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Immune True Survival is a Free 2 play, post-apocalyptic sandbox, Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG, in a cartoon-like world, featuring a unique top-down perspective.

Immune True Survival is a cartoon survival online game. The game aim to be a combination of retro top-down MMORPGs like Tibia and modern survival games like DayZ or Rust. Immune takes place in a dangerous environment following an outbreak of a devastating pandemic leaving only a handful of survivors. Offering PVP and PVE, players must scavenge, hunt or grow their own foods, while avoiding or fighting off the dangerous mutants and gasmask wearing NPCs, doing everything they can to avoid the infection by shooting everyone sick or immune in the face. Discover, build, or occupy shelters and houses and craft tools, harvest resources and collect ammunition and weapons required to survive the onslaught of enemies.


- Free to play but not pay to win.

- Multiplayer survival with XP, ranks and missions.

- Optional PVP and PVE with wild animals, soldiers and mutants.

- Craft weapons, clothing or tools and build your own fort.

- Plant, grow and harvest your own food or just go fishing.

- Open cases and collect, trade or win rare Steam Inventory items to customize your character.

- Health conditions, medicine, vehicles, trading and much more to discover.

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