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TechnoStrike is a Free-to-play Android, Action battle arena, Shooter Multiplayer Game taking place after the world is ravaged by nuclear war.

TechnoStrike - in 2065, the world is ravaged by nuclear war, with millions dead across the globe. A handful of survivors seclude themselves in underground hideouts to take refuge from evil forces. Although the future is uncertain, the remaining humans do what they can to survive.

At this hopeless time, a group of rebel with the assistance and support of Industries develop advanced battle-mechs and build a mech army. In their war of resistance they score victory after victory, and finally force the enemies on the defensive. After a long period of heavy fighting to a stalemate, a hero emerges to break the deadlock.

You are the hero the people are waiting for! It’s up to you to destroy the enemy and achieve final victory!

You can choose a variety of occupations - Four major personalities can be chosen to fight . Diverse experience, the difference between the professional and technical design team to bring together, you need to choose the appropriate role of professional skills, with your teammates, together to win the victory of the battle

A balanced mobile battle arena - You can join a balanced real-time 5v5 battle or fight with the boss with two teammates.

Your ranking will be reflected on the whole server.

First-rate operation setting - It will be more suitable for mobile operation and you can experience exciting with the headshot at the same time. With your full experience of combat pleasure!

Gorgeous battle scene - With the 3A quality of client game it has gorgeous weapon exchanging, painting switch, wingman switch

Your mission : annihilate the enemy and now let the clash of titans begin!

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