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7 Dragons
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7 Dragons is a Browser based Real Time Strategy(RTS) and Role Playing MMO Game.

7 Dragons promises players a city where they should take good care of their people and followers.

Background Story:

Long ago, before time began, two dragons ruled an infinite void of scattered atoms: A Dragon of Order and a Dragon of Chaos. Chaos loved the infinite void and reveled in its vast expanse, but Order saw the potential of arranging the atoms, creating Gallia, and the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements took the shape of their creator, becoming mighty dragons themselves. But Chaos was jealous of Order’s creation, and tempted Earth and Fire until they turned against their master. Thus began the war of the 6 Dragons, who each summoned their own beings from the ether. From Order, Air, and Water came Humans, Forest Elves, and Scholars. From Chaos, Earth, and Fire came the Undead, Dwarves, and Dark Elves. Their war raged for centuries until a wise sorcerer named Sar-Elam forged an uneasy peace between the two sides. In thanks, both Order and Chaos great power upon him, granting him the title of the 7th Dragon. Yet, for all his powers, Sar-Elam is aging. As his powers fade with the waning Age of the 7 Dragons, so has the truce between the sides, and a new leader must take his place. While there are many that have come before you, you may be the one to rise above them to take the title of the new 7th Dragon and shape the destiny of Gallia.

The core of the gameplay is you come into the game and form alliances while you build up several cities across this land. the top features of the game are the ability to build up your cities, build up and raise an army, form alliances with really rich features, participate in PvP where you're battling and conquering other players' cities, and the roleplaying aspect of building up your hero.

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