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BrainBread 2
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BrainBread 2 is a F2P action packed, fast-paced Shooter Multiplayer Game FPS, a zombie First-Person Shooter mixed with RPG Arcade elements.

BrainBread 2, which is also previously known as BrainBread: Source, is a spiritual successor of BrainBread 1. The project have been under development hell since 2006, and its development has halted numerous times due lack of teamwork or vision within the team. In April 2nd 2012, the project was starting to come back to life, by a completely new team, Reperio Studios, but back then they were just called 'BrainBread: Source Developers'. The reason why 'BrainBread: Source' was changed to 'BrainBread 2' was due the term 'Source' is licensed under valve

and had to be removed when submitting to Steam Greenlight, which is why the name 'BrainBread 2' was chosen. BrainBread 2 is however not a continuation of BrainBread 1. They released the first alpha version of BrainBread 2 back in 2014, it was called 'Closed Alpha', or 'Build: 2014'. Build: 2014 wasn't the greatest, or even the best build. So after 1 month after the Closed Alpha ended, BrainBread 2 underwent a lot of drastic gameplay and visual changes. The whole project was being rebooted from scratch.

Grab a weapon, demolish your enemies, level up, become more powerful, let the gore flow, let the limbs fly. BrainBread 2 introduces a zombie fps mixed with RPG / Arcade elements, the game is very action-packed and generally fast-paced.

Features: - 5 Unique gamemodes. - Over 20 unique weapons, including akimbo weapons! - Extreme amounts of gore & gibbing, this is your lovely grindhouse-gore movie! - Over 100 unique skill combinations. - A global profile system/leveling system. - Play as a zombie, evolve as a zombie using your special zombie skill tree to your advantage! - Modding friendly, customize your own soundsets for any of the npcs, make your own player survivor models, make custom maps, share your creations via Workshop! - Character customization. - No pay to win! - Simple UI and HUD. - AI Soldiers, Tanks and Bandits/Mercenaries. - A powerful quest, objective & inventory system. - Playable on PC, Mac OSX, and Linux with multiplayer cross-compatibility. - Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.


- Story - Focuses on story based gameplay, progress by doing specific quests or side-quests to increase your chance of survival!

- Objective - Focuses on small & simple objectives, this is a casual/chill gamemode based on the original BrainBread, if you want a pure BrainBread experience you can enable a server command to force it to vanilla BrainBread mode. In this mode you can also play as a zombie and as a human you can get infected. The zombie's objective is to prevent the humans from progressing, when you get a certain amount of kills you will be able to respawn as a human again, or if you die too many times. All of this can be regulated by the server owner.

- Arena - This is a wave based gamemode, similar to 'Survival'. You have limited respawns and when you die you'll respawn after X amount of seconds. Everyone respawns at the same time, certain maps may allow certain amount of retries for a wave, if you fail too many times you have to do everything over again. This mode is very action-packed, you better be flexible.

- Elimination - A Humans VS Zombies gamemode, first team to reach the fraglimit wins! In this mode you respawn individually, however if everyone on your team is dead your team will be 'Exterminated', which means the round is over. The opposite team gains a certain amount of points by exterminating the other team, this is an effective way to gain points but it is hard to achieve if there's many players. In this mode you'll also trigger a team perk if your team gets a certain amount of kills, your team will be blessed with some helpful skill for a certain amount of seconds.

- Deathmatch - A PvP gamemode, solely for humans. Featuring classic old-school powerups, increased speed and flexibility! As well as an announcer which will try to salute you or make fun of you if you fail too much!

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