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SpellKnights is a F2P Fantasy, Third-Person Shooter Multiplayer Game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

SpellKnights is a Third-Person Multiplayer Fantasy Shooter developed with Unreal Engine 4, in which four knights fight with a magical mana (four elements of the nature: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind) to achieve the honour of the Arena.

With eight Interactive Arenas as stages (The Temple, the Cove, the Jail, the Ruins, the Forge, the Sanctuary, the Tower and the Sky), the player will personalize his knight with special skins and own weapons. The battle occurs in a competitive Show/Sports League with Tv cameras which will transmit the matches in a strategic fight in which each player must manage the best way of the assigned mana (2vs2 y 1vs1vs1vs1).

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