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Tank Ace
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Tank Ace is a Tank Shooter MMO Game set in World War 2 time period

Tank Ace is already the second game about and with tanks this year (let to be as many as possible:)) is not as handsome in terms of game graphics but compensates with a fast paced gameplay. The game even has a story about a child who saw his first tank and he wants to become a tankman one day, later on his Country is fall victim of the second World War, at this point he decide to become the best tankman in the world and from here whole adventure begins. At least for me the presence of a story was a pleasant surprise.

You can choose between three factions including the Germans, Americans, and Russians also the players can customize their tanks armor, turrets, and crew members to maximize various attributes such as speed, power, and armor. Tanks have ten unique hit areas with independent defense ratings so careful aim and strategy play a large role. Tank Ace allows players to switch between various views to get a detailed sense of the battlefield. Commander view, gunner view, driver view, and scout view all change the camera angle and offer a new perspective, definitely an advantage when it comes to gameplay enhancements.

As a final conclusion I would like to remind that games like tank simulators are not for everyone, rather for niche of players, would be a great loss for players who do not fall into the category of niche about which I was saying earlier if you miss this game and not even try it.


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