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Legion Hunters
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Legion Hunters is a Free (2 play) Android, Action Role-Playing Multiplayer Game.

Prepare yourself for Legion Hunter, the newest Fantasy Mobile Action RPG, hunt all the Legions to kill the Death Lord and discover places for hidden information! Strengthen yourself to be the very best of the best Mobile Action RPG game this year!

- More than 50 Legions to hunt, Hunt down all the Legions available and make the strongest, unbeatable combo out of them all!

- Upgradable Weapons, Wings and Fashion, Various weapons are waiting for you to be upgraded! You can also show yourselves off with the most fashionable attires and wings in Varoland!

- PvP and Team Raid, In the middle of Saar City, you can challenge any player in the town for a duel! Give us your best skill!

- Travel with your Pets, You're not alone! Cute, adorable pets are waiting for their master~ Different pets give different attributes for you!

- Mini-games Here and There, Entertain yourself with our numerous mini-games! Collect treasures, defend the Gaia statue, and kill the Evil Lord!

- Features and Events, Over hundreds of features and events are ready to entertain you! Don’t miss every single chance to grow even faster, even stronger, and take down your enemies!

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