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Dragonbone Dynasty
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Dragonbone Dynasty is a Free Browser-Based, Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG featuring a deep story wrought with interesting characters and event.

Dragonbone Dynasty presents itself as a further refined version of classic browser MMORPG titles such as Wartune and League of Angels. Players exist in a persistent online world populated by thousands of other players in real time, all living out a unique fantasy quest of their own. Combat encounters are strategic, with grid-based deployment, attack initiative order, and a multitude of character types. An expansive questline ties together a deep story wrought with interesting characters and event.

Farm System - You can cultivate Potion Patches and plant various crops. You can also start a Herb Garden and a Lily Pond, allowing you to forage and fish a steady supply of Cuisine and Brewing materials. Friends can help tend the fields, gaining Intimacy and resources in return. You can also invite players to help out with foraging and fishing.

Glyph - Imperia come in five grades, namely white, green, blue, purple and gold. Each then has nine levels, and each grade has different EXP requirements. The higher the Imperia Level, the stronger their stats. Imperia have two unique roles: "Gear" and "Feed": Imperia can be equipped on your Hero, boosting their stats. They can also feed EXP to other Imperia, boosting their Level. The higher your Hero’s level, the more Imperia they can have. Each Hero can have up to eight Imperia.

Zodiac - Players must have the corresponding Allies and Pets to be able to use Astrals or Taels to activate Zodiacs. The more Zodiacs activated, the higher the stats bonus conferred to the Hero.

Combat System - Concurrent turn-based combat is appropriate for most turn-based combat modes. Players use this mode for both PVP and PVE, and even GVG and GVE gameplay. What makes it unique is that both sides can use skills and make decisions at the same time. Only after all units confirm skill choices will they enter the skill execution phase, and each combat unit performs its move according to its turn order. Because of this, at the skill selection phase, each side must predict its opponent’s behavior, analyzing the battlefield and responding with the right set of skills. It makes for quite a challenge.

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