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Air Rivals Online
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Air Rivals is an action game, a three dimensional science fiction Manga styled flying Shooter MMO Game.

AirRivals is a free action game - a three dimensional science fiction MMOGame in which you operate different airframes over the surface of a planet. Conquer the skies, fight your way through exciting missions and defend your home. Found a formation with your comrades and fly into battle together! Establish a brigade, gain recognition and become the leader of a whole nation.

Not many games are a Manga-styled flying game, and fewer still put you in a world war between two airborne factions, alongside several hundred other players. The flying-around-and-shooting mechanic means that Air Rivals is quite unlike almost any other MMO you could mention, even the defunct Earth And Beyond, or the upcoming Jumpgate Evolution.

being a level-based game, there's a degree to which the skill of flying is limited by the sheer amount of time you've spent playing. In a one-on-one any competent player is going to demolish someone a few levels lower because the older, higher level player simply brings more to the fight: more speed, more power, more hit points. You'll really need wingmen of different stature to make the most of Air Rivals.

This is one of those games that has such a mixed bag of qualities, both good and bad, that it's difficult to place a final judgement on. It's grindy and simplistic, but then, it's colourful, lively... and free.



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